Dave Green

A respected business advisor and attorney, Dave is also a recognized expert in copyright and right of publicity matters, and has devised and implemented highly successful enforcement and licensing strategies for leading celebrity estates. Notable accomplishments include highly successful enforcement efforts, settlements, and negotiations on behalf of the estates of Steve McQueen and Albert Einstein, helping to land them in the Forbes Top 10 Earning Deceased Celebrities for two consecutive years.

Dave’s leadership efforts in protecting celebrity rights led to legislation in 2004 and 2008, where Dave co-authored bills and successfully lobbied the Washington Legislature to amend its laws, making Washington state a leader in protecting the publicity rights of celebrity estates, while ensuring that media companies and photographers maintain rights to license and display their media. Dave has drafted similar legislation in Illinois, and has assisted in legislative efforts in New York, New Jersey, and California.

For almost a decade, Dave represented Corbis, one of the world’s largest media companies privately owned by Bill Gates. Dave initiated a highly publicized and successful anti-piracy program, recovering millions of dollars resulting from copyright infringements, and winning the InfoWorld Award for the program’s use of cutting edge technology.

Dave oversaw groundbreaking DMCA litigation, and helped to launch the business divisions of GreenLight. He has provided legal and
business licensing strategies for clients such as Hallmark (Song and Hollywood Cards), Sony Computer (“Buzz” PS3 trivia games), and Scene It. Dave has served as production counsel to several award winning film and television projects, and has worked with agents and attorneys for top music and film celebrities.

He now currently advises one of the world’s largest software companies on copyright, trade secret, and publicity rights issues related to online content and services, software, and entertainment devices.

A frequent speaker, commentator,and author on issues and articles involving copyright and publicity rights, Dave currently serves as a Trustee of the U.S. Copyright Society, and on the Board of Advisors for the University of Washington’s Programs in Intellectual Property Management (where Dave taught for seven years), and its Business Development certificate program. His accomplishments or commentary have appeared in numerous sources, including Forbes, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, National Public Radio, The BBC, Corporate Counsel Magazine, IP Law & Business, San Jose Mercury Press, The Chicago Tribune, The Entertainment Law Digest, InfoWorld, and The Seattle Times, Seattle Post Intelligencer, and The Los Angeles Times.

Dave is an avid motorcycle and car enthusiast, and is currently involved as an executive producer to several film projects focusing on celebrities and their vintage cars and motorbikes. His latest project is the launch of
McQueen Racing, a company formed by actor, producer, and racer Chad McQueen, which focuses on projects involving high performance cars and motorcycles.